11 Reasons to Call Us Before You Visit Model Homes in Goodyear

    model homes goodyear, model homes goodyear az, new homes goodyear azTo get the real estate agent’s help and have the builder pay the agent’s fee, the agent must register the buyers on their initial visit, Zadareky said.

    Why do you need a real estate agent to help you when purchasing new? And why does that agent need to accompany you to your first visit to a builder’s model home park?

    Join Amanda on a Tour of Her Favorite Estrella Mountain Ranch Model Home

    Purchasing new construction is typically a more complicated process than is buying a resale home. And it can be intimidating. It is important with a new home purchase that a buyer hire a real estate agent to represent them through the process. The agent should be a local expert.  He/she should have experience working with new builds. The building process – and even the builders’ contracts which are not the standard Arizona Association of Realtors contracts – are very different from what most real estate agents deal with on a daily basis (ie. resales). Therefore consider hiring an agent who has worked closely with local builders while representing clients through the new home construction experience.

    As REALTORS® who specialize in the rapidly growing city of Goodyear, Arizona with a lot of new construction homes, buyers ask us all the time if they can use a real estate agent when they are purchasing new construction. The answer is yes.

    1. Experience – Between the three of us, we’ve represented our clients in over 100+ New Build Construction Homes since 2005.
    2. No Cost to You. Seriously. – Our buyer representation costs you nothing. The builders have a marketing budget that is set aside to pay real estate agents commission for bringing a buyer to them.  Builders network with us because they want us to bring our buyers to their communities – even if those clients start out only considering resale homes.
    3. Up to $1000 KG Buyer Credit at Closing* – We offer this credit to our clients as a simple way to show our appreciation.  This credit applies to new home purchases only. Please simply ask if you’d like more details on this program.
    4. Third-Party Inspection – Pre-Drywall Phase – Free!  We will pay an inspector to conduct a full inspection to ensure that no “corners are being cut.” Typically, depending on the square footage of the home, you’d pay a third party inspector $375-700 for this service.
    5. Reduced Listing Costs & Cutting-Edge Marketing Plan to Sell Your Current Home Faster and for More Money – Need to sell your home in order to build? Need an agent who specializes in builder contingency situations? We offer a special listing commissions discount plan to sellers in this situation who use our services on their new home construction purchase.
    6. Negotiation – We Understand the Builder’s Bottom-Line and How to Maximize your Purchasing Power
    7. Green – a Solid Understanding of Efficiency Standards, Features, and Practices
    8. Builder Reputation – We are able to provide Specific, Localized Builder Updates and Information mostly due to the fact that we spend a whole lot of time with the builder’s sales reps and in the models.model homes goodyear az, goodyear az model homes, new homes goodyear az
    9. Knowledge – of the Arizona New Home Construction Process and of Local Builders and Model Homes in Goodyear. We Regularly Attend Professional Courses Offered both by and about Local Builders, and we network with the builder’s sales staffs on a regular basis.
    10. Past New Construction Client Recommendations Available Upon Request
    11. Representation and Advocacy – As members of the National Association of Realtors and licensed Arizona Realtors, we must abide by the Code of Ethics of NAR.  Our fiduciary responsibility is to you and you only. The builder’s sales staff’s loyalty will always remain with the builder.

    *Kortright Group Buyer Credit is subject to Builder & Lender Approval.

    Excerpt from the Washington Post article: Buying a New Home? An experienced real estate agent is essential.

    Why don’t most new-home buyers use real estate agents to help them navigate a brand-new house purchase?

    It requires planning ahead, and most new-home purchases begin spontaneously when the buyers chance upon a “Grand Opening” for a new-home development and stop to take a look. When asked to “register” by the model sales agent, they fill out a card with their name and contact information. Should the buyers then decide to bring an agent on board, the builder will demand that the buyer pay the agent’s fee, usually 2 to 3 percent of the base price. (For the $320,000 house noted above, the fee would be $6,400 to $9,600.)

     To get the real estate agent’s help and have the builder pay the agent’s fee, the agent must register the buyers on their initial visit. But if you visit the model and decline to register, you should be able to return later with an agent in tow, Zadareky said.
    Todd and Amanda Kortright have been Top Producing Goodyear and Estrella Mountain real estate agents since 2005 and know the markets inside and out.  If you would like to discuss buying or selling real estate in Goodyear, Arizona, please contact us at 623-256-7949 or 623-980-6812 or here.
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