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    5 Reasons to Choose the Kortright Group

    5 Reasons to Choose the Kortright Group Real Estate Team:

    1. We are Local. We know the market. We know the neighborhoods, where homes are selling, which homes are overpriced or which homes are the best deals in town. We know how much is too much to pay for a home. We know how much is too little to offer a seller. We represent clients on new construction homes in Goodyear, Estrella, Buckeye, Verrado, Surprise, and Waddell quite regularly. We have been in most every model home in the west valley. We know the agents working in the model homes. We know which houses to show you based on your needs because we’ve been in or researched many of them. We have relationships and friendships with many other west valley agents, and so if we don’t know the answer, we have a friend or a colleague who does. You get the point.

    Estrella AZ Homes for Sale

    2. We are experienced. Well, Todd is. I’m the smart one. He’s the experienced one. Ha! Seriously though, Todd has been selling real estate in Goodyear and Estrella and throughout the west valley for almost a decade. He has both survived and thrived at times and has managed to grow his business through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Phoenix real estate market. I was a high school English teacher in Akron, Ohio for ten years before moving to Goodyear. The first school I interviewed with offered me a teaching job. Really? I can have the job? Sure – as long as I was willing to accept $26,000 less a year in salary, benefits, and retirement. Teaching is fulfilling and wonderful – but make no jokes about it – I have never worked harder in my life than I did when I was teaching. So, ummmm, no thanks. Todd was super busy and needed help. I was pregnant with Joey and earning my Arizona real estate license. Now I show homes, do a lot of online marketing for our listings, help Todd with paperwork and transaction coordination, follow-up with clients, and blog.

    You can read reviews of Todd and other Goodyear, AZ real estate agent reviews at Zillow, Trulia, and Yelp.

    3. We love Goodyear, and especially, Estrella. If you don’t know, Estrella is a community situated up on top of a mountain in the southwest corner of Goodyear and southeast corner of Buckeye. We have chosen to live here. We have chosen to raise our son here. Todd has chosen to co-own a West USA Realty branch here. I love Estrella so much because it reminds me of the small little towns in Ohio where I grew up. Todd relates. Verrado is amazing as well – a true community – a cool downtown – gathering places – parks. There is something really peaceful about the southwest valley of Phoenix. Sure – you get better shopping and access to some slightly trendier restaurants on the east side of town. (I swear everyone from the east valley thinks it’s all farmland and cowboys and indians on the west side. It’s not. Promise.) But for many reasons, we feel more at peace over here on the west side – especially up in the mountain.

    4. We love to sell real estate. We love to help our clients list their homes to sell quickly and at a premium price. We enjoy advising clients on how and when and why or why not to list now or later and at what price. It’s an art. It’s based on numbers and stats and patterns and a whole lotta factors – and it’s interesting to us. We love to meet new people and make friends or form professional relationships with our clients. We just like people. So if you like people and you are interested in real estate investing and market tracking – with all of it’s challenges – it makes sense for two educated, professional people to choose this path. We know that we are and will continue to find success in this industry because we truly enjoy it. No lie. Swear. Okay, okay – 95% of the time. You got me.

    5. We are Fun. At least we think so. We like to laugh. We like to take our clients to lunch or shopping or out for happy hour or on a mommy and baby playdate or to a Spring Training game. (Speaking of: We are Cleveland Indian fans, from northeast Ohio, living in Estrella, 15 minutes from the Spring Training facility in Goodyear. So perfect, right?) Careful though – do not mistake what I am saying here. Todd and I like to think of ourselves as kind people – but we are both competitive and determined by nature and these are helpful qualities in this industry when you want the best deal for your client. We are professionals. We do take ourselves very seriously – most of the time. And we take your satisfaction and needs and care more seriously than our own. But who doesn’t like to have a little fun when time allows? Buying and selling real estate can be a very emotional and stressful time for our clients – and for us. We will not forget about you or ignore your calls or not reply to your emails because we are spending the afternoon at a ball game. Promise. We are a very “techy”, “mobile” couple. We are absolutely guilty of working too much – especially now as the Phoenix housing market rebounds – but we strongly believe that everybody is allowed to have a little fun along the way.

    Don’t believe us. See for yourselves. You can read reviews of Todd and other Goodyear AZ real estate agent reviews at Zillow, Trulia, and Yelp – or wherever else you can find them.

    You can call or email Todd at (623) 256-7949 – todd@kortrightgroup.com – or Amanda at (623) 980-6812 – amanda@kortrightgroup.com – for help if you are interested in buying a home or selling your home in Goodyear, AZ. If we can’t help, we’ll send you to someone who can. Otherwise, we will help you prepare for a successful real estate transaction, and perhaps, you may even like us and gain a new set of friends outta the deal.

    Amanda Kortright

    Amanda is a focused listener, able advisor and fierce yet fair advocate. She is known for her intuition and diligence and employs a genuine concern for her clients’ transaction. Her business approach is direct and successful: she listens to her client's needs, develops a plan, and then assures an honest and efficient transaction. Amanda’s mantra, to be in touch and stay in touch, is the key to her long-term relationships with her clients. Married and the mother of two little boys, Amanda is an Ohio native who has fallen madly in love with the cultural, recreational and social opportunities Phoenix provides.
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