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    August Home Maintenance Tips for Arizona

    One issue we have witnessed throughout our careers as real estate agents is the struggle home sellers face when attempting to sell a home with obvious signs of deferred maintenance. If you stay on top of your home maintenance, your home will sell for more money and faster because buyers will take notice. And if the buyers don’t notice, their home inspector will. Imagine walking into a home with hard water stains on faucets/sinks/toilets, peeling paint or wallpaper, odors, a loud garage door, dirty air filters and windows, burnt out lightbulbs, unkept landscaping and tree overgrowth, clutter, dusty ceiling fans, discoloration or cracks in the ceilings, a broken doorbell, or disconnected fire alarms.  Most buyers will immediately conclude that the owners did not care for the home.  Are there more expensive repairs hiding in the walls? Will the air conditioner stop functioning months after move in? The costs begin to add up in their imaginations, and they quickly tell us they’re ready to see the next home on the list.

    It is impossible to undo years of deferred maintenance with a quick pre-listing cleanup. You’ll want to follow a schedule to ensure you have a handle on potential issues.

    Following is a list of 4 home maintenance items which you can quickly and easily address this August. Each month you’ll need to address 3-4 items in order to avoid wasting time and money on repairs and maintenance-related costs in the future. And you will have peace of mind in knowing that you have a handle on your home’s needs.

    In Arizona, our homes require different types of maintenance and care than homes in other climates. Visit kortrightgroup.com each month for your Arizona-specific home maintenance tips and for all of your buying and selling needs in Goodyear and throughout the West Valley of Phoenix.

    Faucet Traps
    August is often muggy, and temperatures drain our water supply. Homeowners can sometimes see the effects of that drain because the water pressure in their home seems to be reduced.

    You’ll need to clean out the traps in the end of your faucets every year. The flow of water can be – and oftentimes is – impaired by mineral deposits stuck in the traps. You also need to clean your traps to avoid backups and sewage gas from entering the home.

    How do you clean these traps? The trap looks like a very small screen. Unscrew the end of the faucet with a pair of pliers. Remove the trap from the end (tip). Flush out the debris and replace the trap.
    Also, while you’re at it, go ahead and run water through drain pipes that aren’t used often.

    Fire Alarms & Carbon Dioxide Detectors
    Many Arizonans are not native to the state. If you owned a home in another state previously, you’ll remember the recommendation is to change batteries and test alarms during “spring ahead” and “fall back” clock reset season. Most of Arizona remains in Mountain Time year round and without this reminder, you may forget to check your alarms & detectors. Here is your reminder. Do it now.

    Check your gutters for debris every other month. In August, you’ll want to take care of this early in the morning. A clogged gutter can cause major water damage to a home when rain backs up over the gutter and washes over the side of a house.
    Some of you may not have gutters on your home. Oftentimes builder in central and southern Arizona have skipped adding gutters to newer homes as a way to save on costs. Not good. You really do need to divert the rainwater away from your home. Add them before January. Installation generally costs about $6-$8 a linear foot. Consider installing gutters before January, one of our wetter months. This article will provide some great info: Why Gutters Matter in the Desert

    Vacuum tracks and lubricate hinges and latches to keep operating parts smooth. Fill cracks with wood putty or latex caulking. This should be done every three months.

    Print List Here:

    August_Arizona Home Maintenance Checklist

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